Our technical & creative team of architects have a breadth of experience: from senior architects to handpicked young & talented architecture graduates



Since its creation, our architecture practice has grown steadily; employing a handpicked team of young, talented and vibrant architects and graduates.  The practice is split into three teams run by senior architects.  Each team is well resourced with a breadth of experience, both technical and creative to form well balanced teams, capable of delivering exceptional work at all levels of complexity.

Our London Studio is an open and creative space encouraging the sharing of information and ideas across the teams, developing and refining conceptual ideas as well as growing technical experience to feed back into every project we undertake.

Creative input is fostered at all levels of the practice and alongside direct involvement at every stage of the process.  Projects are designed, developed and delivered within the same team encouraging creative and technical ownership of the whole process.


Raquel Mendes Ribeiro

Stuart Child

Donna March

Richard Diaz Lopez

Senior Architects

Daniel Leon Hernandez